The Top 8 London based Bridging Finance Services

Bridging finance is a type of short-term loan that usually lasts from 3 weeks to 3 years. These types of loans are especially popular amongst real estate marketers. The reason borrower’s avail of bridging finance loans is to be able to buy a new property while trying to sell their existing property. A bridge loan is secured to the existing property the borrower is trying to sell. Once the borrower is able to sell the existing property, the proceeds go into the payment for the loan.

Looking for the right London based bridging finance services is essential because in order for you to be assured that you are able to get the right amount to loan; you need to be sure that your lender is trustworthy, reliable and professional.

Here are the top 8 London based bridging finance services:

 1. Bridging Finance 4U

Bridging Finance 4U is a loan company that can offer their borrowers a short term option for financial aid. They are perfect for when you need a loan while still trying to sell your old property.

2. London Bridging Finance

London Bridging Finance is one of the UK’s largest and best bridging loan specialists. They are able to provide their clients with an experienced team and can ensure that clients are given the best service provided.

3. Secured Bridging Finance

Secured Bridging Finance is able to offer its clients a unique and positive loan experience. An advantage of this company is that they accept certain problematic applications which other lenders have rejected.

4. Enness Bridging Finance

Enness Bridging Finance is a company that supplies bridging finance brokers that trained and skilled in the field of bridging finance. They are able to offer their services to a wide array of business institutions and individuals.

5. Fincorp

FIncorp is one of UK’s original lending companies. Their motto is “clear and simple” which reflects greatly on the type of service you will be provided. You are able to receive your loans fast and without hassle.

6. Iron Bridge Finance

Iron Bridge Finance is a bridging finance company that specializes in residential loans. They are able to give loans out quickly with affordable rates included.

7. MT Finance

MT Finance is an award-winning lending company that based right in the middle of London. They are a non-status lender which means that they do not base your loan application on your credit scores. They provide the best service with professionalism and convenience.

8. Masthaven Bank Limited

Masthaven Bank Limited is the first new bank to be given a banking license, however they’ve been in operation since 2004. They are able to provide a flexible and sercurely protected finance loan which are suited for your financial needs.

These companies listed are only some of the many bridging finance companies that offer reliable, convenient and secure loans that can help sustain what financial deficiencies you have. Bridging finance can offer you a lot of business opportunities that help secure your financial future without having to break the bank.